How to Jump-Start Another Car

Jump starting another vehicle is a straightforward process. It does take a basic understanding and a little practice at first. The initial thing to realize is that each end of the cables has a positive and a negative end. The positive is designated by red and the negative by black. When you begin connecting the cables, you should be careful not to let the other cables touch a metal surface.

Begin with the dead battery and connect the positive cable to the battery terminal with the plus sign. From there, go on to the negative cable and connect it to the terminal with a negative sign. Repeat the steps on the good battery. Let them charge for a couple of minutes. Rev the good engine and try to start the dead one. It should go ahead and turn over after a couple of attempts. If it’s taking more than a few tries to start the car, it’s a good idea to stop and have your vehicle serviced.

When you’re in Allentown, stop in to our service department at Rothrock Motor Sales and speak with a knowledgeable member of our team. We’re happy to assist you with questions about your battery or any other aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance.


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