Look Inside at the Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Features

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee has become a popular SUV based on many attributes, interior features being one of them. While most associate handling and durability with Jeep, it's time to look inside and see what the buzz is all about.

The interior of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is stunning on the eyes. Drivers have the ability to completely personalize the dash instrument cluster to what feels right for them. Ambient light on door handles and flooring make it easier to move around at night. The attention to detail is everywhere inside the Jeep, from real metal trim to inlays throughout.

Driving the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is a unique experience. Regardless the road and weather conditions, your Jeep is going to keep you comfortable inside. The heated seats and steering wheel make driving in the cold easier, and ventilated seating cool you off as the temperatures start to soar.

Take a ride to Rothrock Motor Sales today and give the new Jeep Grand Cherokee a test drive!



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