Tire Manufacturers Are Putting the Snowflake Symbol on Non-Winter Tires!

Winter hits hard in Allentown—that's why you always swap your vehicle over into a good set of winter tires. Even though your Ram truck or Jeep SUV has capable four-wheel drive, you know winter tires have better traction on ice and snow than all-seasons. That extra 10 feet of braking distance could be the difference between getting to work on time, and being towed out of a ditch!

When you're shopping for winter tires, you can easily recognize them by the snowflake symbol displayed on the sidewall. This snowflake—also called the "Alpine symbol"—designates a tire as providing safety and control in snowy conditions.

Recently, however, Consumer Reports has noted that many all-terrain tires have started using the Alpine symbol, even though they are not dedicated winter tires.

According to Consumer Reports, the "all-weather" all-terrain tires displaying the Alpine symbol have better snow traction than all-terrain tires without the symbol... but they still lag behind true winter tires. At Rothrock Motor Sales, we recommend you do your research before purchasing a set of winter tires to make sure you know exactly what you're buying.

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